Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shame India / Gangrape / terror / I hate India

Protests rock Delhi over gangrape, protesters face water cannon outside CM Sheila Dikshit's residence

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I heard a person, a protester protesting that he wanted basic rights, basic security instead of the big dreams that is shown by government. He did not wanted to be an IT person, or a scientist or anybody else contributing to the nation. He wanted his mother, and sisters to be just safe!

With respect to the recent Delhi rape case one of the other things that come to my mind is that, cant the local  transport be equipped with surveillance devices? I saw those devices in almost every bus I traveled with in US.

Would these devices be expensive to install? Or would we face another corruption case giving the contract to a  money eating vendor? Or the Government will prefer not to spend money over an individual pains and losses (like rape cases! ) ?

If you are reading this, I would like to know of what you think. Pretty sure that the others would as well like to know your opinion.

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