Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setting up thunderbird 17 on Linux with Exchange server 2010 emails, contacts and calendar

Are you running Thunderbird 17 (beta)??

Lets see the components required for setup this time ---


Thunderbird 17
Setup ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-next

Setup your exchange email account with MAPI plugin.
Subscribe to folders. After you add the account right click on it in the main window (left pane) -> "Subscribe..." -> Select all folders


Install following add-ons -

  1. Lightning 1.9b2
    Provides calendar feature in thunderbird
  2. Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider 3.1.1
    Allows to sync Calendar and Tasks with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 Exchange Web Services server using Lightning

Contacts setup

This the tricky part. I am posting the settings/steps that worked for me after reading numerous forums on the internet

Contacts setup

  1. Launch address book (CTRL+SHIFT+B)
  2. Menu -> File -> New -> LDAP directory
    You should see “Directory Server Properties” window
  3. Setup the window with following settings
    1. Name: Name of the addressbook (could be any string)
    2. Hostname: name of the ldap server (in my case it was thecompanyname.co.in)
    3. Base DN: Samples -
      • dc=companyname,dc=co,dc=in
      • dc=companyname,dc=com
    4. Port number: Change 389 to 3268
      This step is very very important, 389 works but is really very very slow. 3268 works and is quite fast.
  4. Press OK to exit the dialog
    You now lookup contact details in the address book. Password will be asked for the first time.
  5. Thunderbird->menu->Edit->Preferences->Composition->Addressing-> Check “Directory Server: ” and select the created addressbook.
    This will help in auto completion of email addresses while writing new mails.


  1. www.1st-setup.nl is dead. Does anyone know where I can get the plugin Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider 3.1.1 for Thunderbird 17? I don't give a rats ass about the email, it's the exchange calendar I need to sync with something on ubuntu. Google Sync might have been a solution except it is now defunct. Any suggestions?

  2. Last time I checked (June 2017), that plugin was being maintained at github.com/ExchangeCalendar/exchangecalendar and downloads were available at https://github.com/ExchangeCalendar/exchangecalendar/releases

    Although the last release was in July 2017, it seems the project is still alive there. (See e.g. GitHub's "Insights" tab: https://github.com/ExchangeCalendar/exchangecalendar/pulse , where you can see pull requests having been filed and merged recently.)

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