Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Setting up thunderbird 16 on Linux with Exchange server 2010 emails, contacts and calendar

Update, New guide for Thunderbird 17 is here:

Now you could setup Thunderbird 16 with emails, contacts and calendar. Yey!

Lets see what we need and from where to get them

  1. Thunderbird 16
  2. Lightning Version 1.8b1 from
  3. Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider 3.0.0-rc3 from (Direct link =
  4. ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange 16.0 from Thunderbird add-ons section

That is it!

PS: Follow the guides for the respective add-ons in case you are not able to set them up together.


  1. Once again, after Thunderbird upgrade from version 15 to 16, even the calendar worked seamlessly. Thanks!

  2. ExQuilla, beginning with version 24 in September 2013, requires an annual license for use. New users, by default, are automatically granted a free 60 day trial license, or a license valid until November 1, 2013, whichever is later. After that trial license expires, ExQuilla will enter a read-only mode until a valid license is entered.

    One license is required for each user, using the user's individual email address on a Microsoft Exchange Server as the license key. Multiple email addresses are allowed per installation, as long as the licensed individual email address is also in use on that installation. Domain licenses are also available, which has the advantage that you only have to manage a single license instead of individual licenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions concerning ExQuilla licenses.

    How much does a license cost?

    Licenses cost $10 per user per year for an individual license. Domain licenses cost $25 per domain plus $5 per user per year, with a minimum quantity of 5 users.

    Where do I buy a license?

    Individual licenses may be purchased here, or enter in a browser. Domain licenses may be purchased here, or enter in a browser. These will take you to a third-party site (Fastspring) that handles license transactions.


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