Thursday, August 16, 2012


It was tough to remove the crap that incredibar did to my web browsers. Even my Chrome running on Linux mint box got infected. Sounds strange, but today I know how it infected my chrome on Linux box.

Following are the steps that you need to perform to completely eliminate from your computer.

On Windows

  1. Download and run adwcleaner
Following appears to be the homepage of adwcleaner (by xplode)

If incredibar *bs* reappears, then you will have to perform steps 1-3 from On Linux section below and then do step 1 of On Windows

On Linux

The steps are only specific to Chrome browser. I came to know that Linux boxes are not affected by incredibar. Mine was affected as Chrome was syncing content back to the linux browser. Reinstalling and removing traces of infected files also did not help. 

Follow the steps if you too are facing similar issue -

  1. Close any running instance of Chrome
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Stop sync and delete data from Google in the Chrome sync block
  4. Step 3
  5. Remove following directories 
    1. rm -R ~/.config/google-chrome/Default 
    2. rm -R ~/.config/chromium/Default
  6. Open Chrome and happy browsing

Other OS

Help yourself, the Linux steps might give you an idea. Following URL will point you to the location of Chrome settings directory

I hope this helps!


  1. Hi.

    I didn't download adwcleaner. Instead, I went straight to the Linux section.

    In step 2 and 3 in Firefox.

    In step 4, Vista Home Premium, I erased C:\Users\{myname}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    It worked.

    Thanks for the guidance.

  2. I forgot to add:

    I don't know if this helped but I'll mention it just in case: After erasing the folder, I ran CCleaner.

  3. In my case this method worked for me only till the time I did not sign-in my chrome with the google account. As soon as Chrome synced the contents, incredibar code was back in action!

    I am glad that it worked for you in this case.

  4. please someone help me to delete incredibar on windows 7 google chrome above suggestions are helpless,file a law suite against incredibar.

  5. I removed it by the following;

    "Drove me up the damned wall! I followed instructions, went to the wrench, etc. Finally got pissed with all the same advice that didn't completely work, so here is what I did:
    1. Go to the start menu, click on 'Computer'
    2. In the search box, type in 'mystart'
    3. When you get results, simply right-click on them and delete them all. You may have to refresh, for your own peace of mind to make sure they have all been deleted.
    4. Repeat, searching also for: 'incredibar', 'coolyou', 'conduit' and 'perion'

    Once I had removed everything using the wrench icon, and went through these steps, mystart no longer shows up. I hope this helps!"


    Also, if that does not work go to the wrench or tools option on the top right hand corner of chrome, settings, search: google or search engine of preference.

    1. Thank you so much had tried all other options but the search for files by perion soloved the problem. Your a star *

  6. Anonymous I too was driven up the wall... i wanted to see the F1 race here in Austin on SKYF1 HD knew it was not good but did anyway Cra* So i have been working on it for 2 days

    only issue remaining was opening a mystart incredibar search page and not the google page
    In the perion group I found a .dll file that I could not erase even as administrator. This crap file is installed as a system file and it hides in the system32 area..
    What I did was rename the file PerionNewTabChrome extension.dll to .old and it seems to have happened.
    Now i must see how this goes as no files show up and it seemed to have worked NOW I MUST GO TO FIREFOX AND IE TO TRY AND DO THE SAME AS IT INSTALLS ON EVERY BROWSER INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER


    After renaming the above file to .old I sent it to the delete basket and erased it there. Now on too checking to see if this works it may have made a new file with different name when it saw that i had removed it we shall see

  8. MY GAWD it still pops up instead of google search But it is covered over by Web of Trust with red indicators. There must be a company that can take this out!I would pay if they did lol an honest company

  9. I tried everything with no success until I read the post on adwcleaner and IT WORKED. I hope the chrome synch/update does not restore this hideous toolbar.

  10. or simply type in "system restore" in the search bar , the computer will choose a previous time b4 the computer was fukked w sptware n eliminate this parasite

  11. Ran Awcleaner on windows 7 and it removed the start page but not the 'wow64' Further investigation needed.


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