Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best SCP GUI on Linux

For the impatient

  1. Look no where else if you already have nautilus file manager
  2. For best view/performance setup nautilus in browser mode [ edit -> preferences -> behavior (tab) -> behavior (section) -> check "Always open in browser windows" ]
  3. "sftp://user@machinename" in the address bar and you are all set ;)

For the rest

Till I found sftp with nautilus I also came across some reads on fish for Konqueror


  1. nautilus doesnt support scp, with this article you are misleading people looking for an SCP GUI equivalent of winscp..

  2. I totally second Anonymous' comment. Came here looking for SCP- not SFTP, two VERY different animals. Totally misleading.

  3. SCP & SFTP are diferents protocols. why in every post on internet, the 99.9% of commets is to use SFTP instead SCP ?


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